Raquel Aurilia

Raquel Aurilia

Raquel Aurilia

Finding My Way

Shea Records

You’ve probably never heard of Raquel Aurilia, but you’ll be shocked when you do. That Aurilia is a new artist is hard to believe. She doesn’t sound like one. First of all, her voice brims with self-confidence and palpable emotion. If this is truly her debut, then she has quickly mastered her craft. Her vocals are in control, filling in the lyrics with the right amount of drama. She doesn’t go overboard, stretching her lungs to painful highs, like so many pop artists do. She is disciplined, remaining within the borders of her considerable talent. On “Feels Like,” Aurilia balances sorrow and elation with equal power; it is a breathtakingly uplifting tune that cuts through the mindless sludge that characterizes most modern music. There is a slight resemblance to Natalie Imbruglia, but Aurilia’s voice is more captivating, more alive.

Everything about the CD screams “major label,” but Aurilia actually released it herself on her own Shea Records. The production by Tony Papa is stainless; it’s slick enough for commercial radio without reducing the warmth in Aurilia’s vocals. However, the covers of “For What It’s Worth” and “Dreamweaver” seem to be concessions to a fickle, conservative market. Their inclusion is understandable, but Aurilia is at her best on the original material, especially “The Need.” Written by Billy Trudel and Stephen Epstien, “The Need” is a classic in the making, a knockout punch of a song with a powerhouse performance from Aurilia and a spellbinding arrangement.

Raquel Aurilla: www.raquelaurilia.com

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