The Alternate Routes

The Alternate Routes

The Alternate Routes

Good and Reckless and True

Independent release

If Damien Rice ditched his acoustic guitar in favor of a more electric approach, the result would probably sound like The Alternate Routes’ Good and Reckless and True. Fronted by Tim Warren, the Bridgeport, CT, three-piece’s debut album is one of real depth and honesty, showcasing the band’s songwriting and the lush production of noted producer Jay Joyce. Warren’s distinctive voice adds weight to a strong set of songs that veer from the epic Coldplay-type rock of “Time Is A Runaway” to the roots-y, acoustic-based “Ordinary,” which recalls the likes of Josh Rouse.

But don’t dismiss The Alternate Routes as mere plagiarists, because the band has managed to a craft a sound all of its own. Songs like the high-octane frenzy of “Who Cares,” the melancholic, yet somehow upbeat strains of “Endless Conversation” and the more laid back refrain of “Please Don’t Let It Be” reveal a band striving – and succeeding – to remain individual.

Good and Reckless and True is an album rich with new discoveries upon each listen. Releasing the album’s eleven slow burning, yet ultimately memorable tracks independently may not immediately catapult The Alternate Routes to instant success, but as the band’s name suggests, they will get there eventually.

The Alternate Routes:

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