The International Playboys

The International Playboys

The International Playboys


Motron Records

Noisy. Incoherent. Sex and Alcohol. This is so 1982. But, they are from Missoula, Montana, so this is probably as trendy and hip a record as they play around Big Sky Country. I seem to recall another Montana punk band’s record coming across my desk recently, so maybe there’s some sort of inverse Austin or Athens scene going on.

While the music seems to sound pretty much the same from cut to cut, the liner notes show a decent sense of humor from this powerthrashnoiseheavydeathmetal quintet. The lead singer passes himself off as “Cap’n Sextastic,” and the drummer goes by “Moneyshot.” Song titles are often better than the lyrics. If I was still a late night college DJ, I’d play “Stage IV Sex Master,” if just to say “Eye Vee” instead of “roman numeral 4.” I’d also play “Gorilla Salade” once, just to say I had the record. Unfortunately, The International Playboys are a bit thin musically, and at the risk of comparing an unknown band to an obscure one, these guys are Gwar without the theatrical blood needed to rescue otherwise cookie cutter music.

The International Playboys:

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