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As I said goodbye to my grandfather, I remembered the times he used to sing to me as a child, his voice clear as water, embracing my ears with its warmth. TrueHeart’s CD arrived the day that I attended his funeral. My heart felt heavy, aching with a deep-seated pain that felt as surreal as it was agonizing. I didn’t feel like listening to music or doing anything at all. But I wanted some relief from the sadness. Thinking that I would just let it spin in the background, the first song on TrueHeart’s album, “Ain’t Life Great,” left me in tears. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not a melancholy track. However, the completely pure and absolutely immaculate harmonies of brothers Ross and Patrick Vick and sister Karen V. Cavazos moved me profoundly. Here is a group that sings with an untainted love for pop and human existence itself.

Is it so difficult to imagine, in these days of mindless violence and corporate greed, that a band as sincere and sweet as TrueHeart could exist? I spent the whole day thinking about what it means to be alive, and here was TrueHeart to provide a soundtrack to what I was going through. Critics often forget that we began as fans; our connection to music was initially not intellectual but emotional.

TrueHeart is a group with no pretensions, no appetite for glamour, no tongue for pointless rage. Their tunes are as pretty as falling leaves in the rain; their collective singing is chills-to-the-bone gorgeous. The entire LP reminded me of my grandfather, who always taught me to be positive. I cried the whole time I was listening to TrueHeart, but those were not tears of sorrow that I shed. It was the impact of being touched. Songs such as “Take Life” and the beautifully spirited rendition of Todd Rundgren’s “I Saw the Light” will be treasured forever.

I thought records like this were not made anymore. This is the most uplifting folk rock you’ll hear in your lifetime. I wish my grandfather was alive to hear it. However, he’ll be on my mind whenever I play it, as I recall the days when he sang to me with as much passion and affection as TrueHeart does here.


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