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Bleeding us dry

In case you hadn’t noticed, the US is going broke and being sold off to foreign interests. Really, really rapidly, too:

Bush Administration Breaks Record

Administration Borrows more from Foreign Nations than Previous 42 Presidents Combined

Washington, D.C. – President George W. Bush and the current Administration have now borrowed more money from foreign governments and banks than the previous 42 U.S. presidents combined.

Throughout the first 224 years (1776-2000) of our nation’s history, 42 U.S. presidents borrowed a combined $1.01 trillion from foreign governments and financial institutions according to the U.S. Treasury Department. In the past four years alone (2001-2005), the Bush Administration has borrowed a staggering $1.05 trillion. </i>

Brush up on your Chinese. It will give you something to focus on, instead of storming Washington for stunts like this:

Republicans plan to cut 40,000 kids from school lunch program to pay for ANOTHER tax cut in the next month

But some Republicans worry that social service cuts, though relatively small, might have outsized political ramifications, especially when Republicans move in the coming weeks to cut taxes for the fifth time in as many years. Those tax cuts, totaling $70 billion over five years, would more than offset the deficit reduction that would result from the budget cuts.

Compassionate conservatism my ass. I prefer the term robber barons:

The term may now be used in relation to any businessperson who is perceived to have used questionable business practices in order to become powerful or wealthy.


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