Beta Erko

Beta Erko

Beta Erko

I’m Ok You’re Ok


Here is one wonderfully bizarre record. What begins as playfully frenetic, but somewhat rote electro glitch stretches its analogue fingers into the organic world. The disc’s initial offerings flow like a steady stream of melted taffy: thick, elastic and highly caffeinated. While it would do fellow countrymen Mouse on Mars proud, it’s not that remarkable, save for the stream-of-consciousness insanity spat out in the vocals and their electronic deconstructions. It doesn’t take long for the disc to do a complete 180, substituting the slow, abstract gracefulness of open space and silence for the claustrophobic pummeling of the previous overabundance of sound. From this point on, I’m Ok You’re Ok tries to reconcile the disparity between hip-hop and avant-garde experimentalism while still staying true to the conventions of both. The bipolar nature of the calm and frantic tracks might be a little overwhelming for people looking for a clearly-plotted route from point A to point B. Adventurous listeners, however, will be rewarded with some of the first tenuous, but strengthening threads between populist club culture and high brow chamber rooms.


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