Les Georges Leningrad

Les Georges Leningrad

Les Georges Leningrad

Sur Les Traces De Black Eskimo


Along with the Chromatics, Les Georges Leningrad are one of the only bands with something interesting to say in the waning days of no-wave dance punk. While the former band screams and bounces of the walls of a padded cell, Les Georges feels like the soundtrack to a Siberian disco. The chilly minimalist layers the trio fashions out of drums, errant electronics and guitars crackle and shatter behind the vocalists’ crazed and nonsensical howls. While the normal confines of no-wave dictate high levels of abrasiveness and aimlessness, the band occasionally strays into icy territories where beats have no meaning other than to increase the atmosphere to Brian Eno levels. Of course, this defiance of the norm is exactly why Les Georges are worthwhile. They’ve taken dance-punk entirely out of the dance club and placed it into a cartoon version of the arctic, while they play the part of caveman Eskimo narrators. Sure, it sounds bizarre, but if you want straight-laced and boring — and who does, really — put on that Rapture CD from a couple years back, then tell me this isn’t a million times better.

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