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Remember Jamiroquai? You know, the white Brit who sounded black and had a clever music video where he danced with furniture? To my knowledge, Jamiroquai only had one hit in the U.S. In some ways Phat Phunktion remind me of Jamiroquai, but this nine-member group from Madison, Wisconsin, have a stack of potential radio smashes.

Whether or not Phat Phunktion are fans of Jamiroquai — or if they even agree with the comparison — is not known. If anything, they probably listened to the same Stevie Wonder records from the ’70s. However, Phat Phunktion are easily more entertaining and versatile, reaching into the retro calendar for huge slices of bell-bottom funk. Yes, the band’s sound is a throwback to the pre-disco days of club pop, when real instruments and not synthesizers drove the beats. But Phat Phunktion aren’t just mining nostalgia; they’re throwing hip-hop into the brew, producing a juggling act of Philadelphia soul and old-school rap.

These are not songs created to make you think, and Phat Phunktion do not seem to exist to revolutionize rock & roll. That’s not the point they’re trying to get across. To put it bluntly: they just want you to shake your ass. Forget about your problems and crank these guys up.

Phat Phunktion:

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