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Randy & The Bloody Lovelies

Randy & The Bloody Lovelies


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Randy & The Bloody Lovelies’ sophomore effort, Lift, is an interesting mix of quirky, melodic tunes that almost defy categorization. Frontman and songwriter Randy Wooten sounds uncannily like David Bowie at times, so perhaps it’s no surprise he chose former Bowie producer Mark Plati to help shape the album’s thirteen songs. First-class studio assistance is also
provided by celebrated session drummer Shawn Pelton, among others, and the slick sound of the record is matched by Wooten’s unique take on life with songs like “Red Carpet” and “Blue Horizons.” The former is an expose of what Wooten calls LA’s underbelly, while the latter is a delicate piano ballad with a country feel to it. But the album never lets the listener rest easy, with curveballs like “Nadine” and “Cobblestones and Gin” constantly being thrown into the mix as if to underline Wooten’s eccentricity. The epic “Under Starlight” veers from upbeat pop-rock to a melancholy piano bridge, but it’s done with enough charm and uniqueness to ensure Wooten gets away with it.

Lift is certainly not an easy album to delve into. Rather, it’s a challenging listen that affirms that, even in a largely homogenous music industry, diversity and even a little weirdness can thrive.

The Bloody Lovelies: www.bloodylovelies.com

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