Getaway Car

Getaway Car

Getaway Car

All Your Little Pieces

Rotomac Records

Getaway Car is a great band. All Your Little Pieces is an excellent album. But I’m struggling to comprehend just why these guys aren’t signed and selling bucketloads of records. The only conclusion I can draw, after listening to their heady mix of classic power pop with a neat contemporary twist, is that they simply were born too late. But in an era where retro is cool, the DC-based Getaway Car should be in the wider consciousness, as they certainly have the charisma and songs to hit the big time. Consider songs like the cleverly-written opener, “All Time Low” – a song more contagious than SARS and avian flu combined — and you can immediately see the band’s appeal. “When You’re Gone” is of a similar poptastic standard, and the Costello-inspired “Kingdom Crumbled” completes a high-quality opening trifecta.

“Long Night” is another slice of perfect power-pop, showcasing the talents of vocalist Todd Wright, guitarist Matt Miceli and bassist Chris Reardon. “Crazy” recalls the genius of Jellyfish, and “Losers” enforces the belief that Miceli and Wright are a songwriting partnership to be reckoned with. The Midas touch of producer/mixer Jeff Juliano usually guarantees success, but for Getaway Car, a major label deal still eludes them. However, if the band continues to produce music as good as the songs on All Your Little Pieces, that won’t be for too much longer.

Getaway Car:

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