Randy Stahla

Randy Stahla

Randy Stahla

Blue Ballerina

Port Blue Productions

If dreams had soundtracks, Randy Stahla would be among its best composers.

New Age music has received its share of critical slams since the genre entered the public consciousness in the ’80s, and I certainly can’t count myself as a fan. In fact, I received this album with tremendous skepticism. However, once the CD began playing, it quickly became apparent that Stahla is aiming for art, not audio wallpaper.

What distinguishes Stahla’s work from his peers is its depth. These instrumentals have character and life; they are not emotionless constructions. There is a playfulness at work here, but more importantly Stahla is illustrating stories with these pieces. The protagonist in the title track is dead, and the music is paying tribute to her life. Stahla produces an incandescent mind trip, liberating our minds from our bodies, and allowing them to soar into the recesses of our subconscious. The sparkling, gentle rhythms warm the heart. You’d expect something closer to a funeral march, considering the subject matter; however, Stahla avoids gloom and doom. On the contrary, his purpose is to uplift, which he accomplishes with a majestic touch.

Desert Snow: www.desertsnow.org

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