Atlanta metallers Sevendust have always packed a punch, and Next is, if anything, heavier and more impressive than their previous release, Seasons. The band may have sold over two million albums while signed to TVT, but as soon as the crunching riff of opener “Hero” kicks in, it’s clear Sevendust still feel they have something to prove. Former Snot guitarist Sonny Mayo gives the band an extra dimension, while frontman Lajon Witherspoon delivers another powerful vocal performance.

The excellent first single, “Ugly,” and “Silence” are traditional-sounding Sevendust songs, mixing unrestrained vocals, chunky riffs and an underlying melodic appeal. “Pieces” is more hard-hitting in its brutal delivery. But aggression is not the only weapon in the Sevendust armory, as the acoustic closing track, “Shadows In Red,” emphatically proves.

Next is a triumph for Sevendust. After the trauma of changing labels and losing a long-time band member, the band has created a record that will hopefully take them to new heights.


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