Susan House

Susan House

Susan House

The Light of Christmas

SISU Heart Records

Many say that Christmas is a day for children. To a large part, I have to agree with that. As a kid, Christmas held a sense of wonder that wasn’t zapped by the reality of bills at deadline, death or social difficulties. Sometimes it’s hard to find the joy beneath it all.

For jazz singer Susan House, Christmas must play an important role in her life; after all, producing two CD singles devoted to the holiday reveals much about her perspective on the matter. The Light of Christmas is the inspirational one of the Xmas siblings. The track opens up slowly, but not somberly, and then quickly picks up with its pretty piano chords, bells and soft, yet urgent percussion.

Reviewing Christmas tunes is not easy; they truly aren’t made for critical analysis. They’re not intellectual exercises, nor are they supposed to push the creative envelope. Their sole purpose is to be played during the holiday season. And The Light of Christmas certainly deserves numerous spins on those egg nog nights. Since I’m not familiar with Christmas songs being given a smooth jazz treatment, I have to admit I appreciate the uniqueness of House’s songs.

Susan House:

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