Susan House

Susan House

Susan House

Santa’s Perfect Gift

SISU Heart Records

While neither jazz nor Christmas songs are on my list of musical preferences, I have to admit being charmed enough by this CD single — and its more serious counterpart, The Light of Christmas — to review it.

Susan House has written a cute Xmas tale, one that’ll put a grin on your face or make you groan, depending on how you feel about the holiday. You probably won’t complain about House’s voice, which has a sugarcoated sultriness that cuts through any corny sentiments. Lit by gentle piano, House sings about giving Santa Claus love this Christmas in exchange for all of his good deeds.

I’m no expert on Christmas music, but I don’t think anyone has written a holiday tune like this before. It is as sweet and lovable as Saint Nick himself; however, I have to mention that this isn’t some silly novelty. Yes, it is comical, but House is a real jazz vocalist; there is depth in her voice, and she illustrates the feelings in her words with honest emotion and polished skill.

Put this under the tree this year.

Susan House:

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