Windsor For the Derby

Windsor For the Derby

Windsor For the Derby

Giving Up the Ghost

Secretly Canadian

Windsor For the Derby are one of the better unmemorable “good” bands to pass through my review pile this year. The duo of Dan Matz and Jason Meneely create excellent autumn-mood music, the hazy and muffled sounds of the first frost-covered mornings. The usual lo-fi retinue is unfolded: simple chord progressions, noisy synth clatter and some spooky programming, and Windsor sounds great in the moment. But if you try to recall a specific song’s melody after the disc stops spinning, you’ll be hard-pressed to do so. Even the six-minute centerpiece, “Giving Up,” suffers from indistinct recollection, despite an interesting and intricate structure. It could be that the fleeting nature of this collection of songs is exactly what Matz and Meneely are striving for; something instantly intense then dissipated in the ether – it’s called Giving Up the Ghost after all, and it sounds like they are intentionally doing just that.

Secretly Canadian:

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