How ya like democracy now Georgie?

How ya like democracy now Georgie?

Now that an election in Palestine has installed Hamas, a terrorist group that has the destruction of Israel as its primary objective? Bush, confusing “elections” for democracy, continues to blather on that “we’ve freed 50 million people”, (supposedly in Iraq and Afganistan, I guess), but when the results don’t go his way?

The United States and European nations declared Thursday that Hamas could not form a legitimate government unless it drops its demand to destroy Israel and renounces violence.

See, that’s not the way the game is played. In a democracy, if the people have the chance to vote in free and legitimate elections, they are free to elect whoever the hell they want to. And just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean they aren’t “legitimate”. Hell, the majority of the world (and increasing numbers of Americans) don’t consider Bush a legitimate president, but since they don’t have our military might, they don’t count.

So we’ve seen repressive, terroristic, theocratic governments elected in Egypt, Iraq and now Palestine since 9/11. Democracy on the march?

Yeah, marching the hell away from us, thats for damn sure. Way to go George.

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