Adam Barta

Adam Barta

Adam Barta

Dirty Girls

Aquetra Media

Fresh-faced Adam Barta reportedly came from a boy band, which could explain the hormonal burst that he displays on this naughty CD single. All that clean-cut material must’ve repressed numerous sexual urges.

Viewed as camp or as a horndog anthem, the song itself, “Dirty Girls,” is pretty funny. It’s an unapologetic love letter to nasty chicks, ones who want to tie him up and pin him down. Given that Barta is on the receiving end, it takes away any interpretations of sexism or exploitation; after all, he’s looking for aggressive women, ones who’ll manhandle him. Frankly speaking, what hot-blooded male wouldn’t want that?

The lyrics manage to evade controversy because there truly are no decipherable graphic images contained within them. It just wants to have fun. The music is strictly R&B, less funky than Prince but just as lusty. The remix digs deeper onto the dance floor, laying down a strong electro rhythms.

Adam Barta:

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