Bluebottle Kiss

Bluebottle Kiss

Bluebottle Kiss

Come Across

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Buy this album. Go online and buy this album. Now! Bluebottle Kiss are Australia’s answer to Radiohead. Come Across, the band’s fifth album, is nothing but songs in 3/4 and 6/8 time (for those not so musically inclined, think the rhythm of Anna Nalick’s “Breathe (2 a.m.)”), their lyrics provoke more thought than 3 Doors Down has had in their entire musical career and lead singer Jamie Hutchings commands the listener’s attention the way Zack de la Rocha used to with Rage Against the Machine.

Maybe it’s the way that Hutchings narrates the verses of “Last Playboy in Town” like Mike Skinner of The Streets, especially with come-on lines like, “You remind me of this girl that I once met or maybe it’s just the way your body clings to that dress.” Or maybe it’s the way that “Slow Train to a Comfy Jail” starts off so quietly and then explodes into a gut-wrenching chorus, with Hutchings screaming, “Set these plastic handcuffs on fire/’cause I’m taking a slow train to a comfy jail.”

Point is, Jamie Hutchings is the mastermind behind Bluebottle Kiss. He wrote all of the songs on Come Across, and he sings them with so much passion and intensity that it is hard not to sing (or scream) every word of every song. The music is a combination of Nick Cave depression and Radiohead intensity.

So the moral of this review: Go buy this album.

Bluebottle Kiss:

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