Robert Cray

Robert Cray

Robert Cray


Sanctuary Records Group

Robert Cray may not be the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, but he’s a real trooper. With over a 1000 shows under his belt, he’s had his share of Holiday Inns and Waffle House dinners. Despite this, he sounds so slick and clean you’d think he never left the studio. His forte is a mix of country and jazz and blues, and the mix is so slick and smooth you might expect to hear any of these songs on that late night mellow jazz program from a distant college. If Mr. Cray has a fault, it’s that he’s so consistent. I really can’t tell his songs apart without paying very close attention. “Poor Johnny” sounds a bit likes “I Know You Will,” “And that Ain’t Love” reminds me of “I Know You Will.” I admit they ARE different, but this guy is slick to the point of uniformity. Twenty is a very nice background record, beautifully arranged, sung and produced, but not really something that will stick in your mind.

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