Bishop Don

Bishop Don

Bishop Don

Flowers From The Devil


I’ve heard plenty of musical hybrids in my time, but a combination of rock, punk, folk and reggae isn’t something I’ve ever come across. That’s the USP of Atlanta indie outfit Bishop Don, though, and the band’s full-length debut isn’t as bewildering as it might appear.

Formed by three GSU college friends, Bishop Don has already built up a solid reputation as a live act. I expect the reggae-influenced “If You Can’t Feel It” must be a highlight of the band’s live show, along with the hard-hitting opener, “Lady Of Tides.” “Sick, Sweet and Senseless” throws another curve ball into the mix, and “World’s Last Friday Night” melds all the band’s influences into one.

It might be slightly chaotic at times, but Bishop Don’s bold attempt to fuse a number of apparently unconnected genres together just about works, even if it probably comes across more effectively in a live arena.

Bishop Don:

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