Samantha Jo Martin

Samantha Jo Martin

Samantha Jo Martin

Samantha Jo


Today’s youth represent the future of music. Given enough of a push and a few lucky breaks here and there, they can also symbolize the present as well.

In the case of Samantha Jo Martin, here is a young lass who can sing grown-up lyrics as well as women twice her age. Because she’s still in her teens, comparisons to Leann Rimes will be tossed about; however, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. After all, what little girl wouldn’t want to reach Rimes’s heights? But it takes talent to do that. Fortunately, yes, Martin has the vocal power to achieve it. Although this album is regrettably too short, there’s enough to showcase what Martin has to offer.

This CD is less of a cohesive LP and more of a promo sampler. Martin tries different styles — the adolescent pop of “These Days,” the reflective balladry of “Look What Love Has Done to Me,” the beach bounce of “Time for Summer” — to show prospective A&R representatives that of which she is capable. To her credit, there isn’t a false step in the bunch. Although she co-wrote a handful of tracks, it’s her adult supervisors and collaborators that give the album its coat of professionalism. The musicianship is top-notch, making sure that Martin is as radio-ready as she can be.

Samantha Jo Martin:

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