Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan

Bloom – Remix Album

Arista/ Sony BMG

I popped this disc in my car player and ran through it a few times just to get a feel for it before writing this little review. Normally the computer is my CD player while writing, so I can refer to specific tracks. But THIS is a Sony disc with the dreaded rootkit DRM software, and committing to this disc is like committing to a new operating system. I spent about 15 minutes messing around with the install software, and reading the End User License Agreement. Finally I decided there was no way I would risk messing up my computer with evil corporate software. (Not that I don’t work for an evil corporation, but we have our OWN software.)

So is this record any good? It’s not bad as far as ethereal techno remix records go. Sarah McLachlan has an excellent voice, and she sings those long spacey numbers with the ability to pop up a whole octave for a single note without breaking a sweat. We get a full nine remixes, and they all slide together nicely as background listening, with one exception. Run DMC has a track here, “Just Like Me,” and while it’s not a bad mix, it IS a slow rap tune with the sluggish marching beat I associate with too much Robitussen. If you could clip that song out and recompile the disc, you’d have a nice piece of electronica with great vocals. But it’s not worth the trouble to do that, at least not yet. I might give it a go, and you might to, but not if you want this on your iPod.

Sarah McLachlan:

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