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The Dudley Corporation

The Dudley Corporation

In Love With The Dudley Corporation

Absolutely Kosher

It’s completely appropriate that The Dudley Corporation’s debut album should be recorded in the presence and with the help of The Delgados. It could almost be seen as a symbolic passing of the shambolic torch from the recently defunct Scots to the newly blossoming Irish. In Love With… is full of linking sounds between the bands: huge distorted choruses, mountain-top drums, tossed off dissonance and meandering melodies that either drive you wild or offend your musical sensibilities. There’s hardly a linear song to be found on here, or a cause and effect in the instrumentation: a song can start off pastoral with bells and organ before being burned by post-apocalyptic noise. To steal a phrase from The Clientele, it’s “dizzy and illogical,” but it works fantasticly in this context where anything goes. Whether they’d agree or not, TDC show some of the same buzzsaw pop characteristics of fellow countrymen Ash when they string together a flurry of power chords. It’s nice to hear that youthful exuberance next to the equally Irish-informed indie-waltz numbers. With Coldplay and their progeny thinning Brit-rock blood and weakening its pulse, The Dudley Corporation are just what that island needs to bring it out of its musical coma.

Absolutely Kosher:

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