Where We Stand

Takeover Records

This before-they-were-famous offering from the original line-up of feted punk-poppers Yellowcard smacks desperately of a cash-in by Takeover Records.

Where We Stand features Yellowcard’s original vocalist Ben Dobson, and while some may say Dobson was merely following punk’s chaotic no-rules ethos to the letter, others (obviously including his former bandmates) would say that he just can’t sing. Replacing him with Ryan Key was clearly one of the band’s better early decisions.

As for the music itself, the roots of the band’s future material is seen on “On The Brink,” but the mediocrity of songs like “Kids” and “Time Will Tell” underscores the fact that this record was made in 1999, when Yellowcard’s various members were all still in school. That means there’s plenty of perspiration, yet very little inspiration present; and it’s not only the band’s fans who will wince upon hearing Where We Stand.


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