Half-Pint Demigod


It must be some sort of cosmic gag. I received Yogi’s eardrum-shattering, mind-altering art rock orgy the same day that a box full of children’s records was given to me. After hours’ worth of songs about Choo-Choo the Weeping Train and Bubba the Lonely Beetle arrives a CD with burning heads and demons. Perhaps I’m supposed to look at this metaphysically and view this as life always having balance — saccharine innocence on one side and demented chaos on the other. I feel like I’m juggling oranges in my right hand and grenades in the other. Hopefully, I won’t mistake the packages and give Yogi to the preschool.

I wasn’t impressed with the latest Nine Inch Nails album, and my reasons why are reflected on this disc. Although there’s only one track, “You Fell (Arola Mix),” that reminds me of NIN here, you could see how much further Trent Reznor could’ve pushed the envelope in terms of creativity. Let’s start with “You Fell (Arola Mix),” though. Once the guitars tear open the electronic intro, it takes no prisoners; it explodes like the Big Bang. Brace yourself, people.

This is a strange CD, not limited to any stylistic boundaries. “No More Evil (Glitch Mix)” robotically slices and dices its grooves. The rest of the album sounds stitched together with studio tools; however, it feels spontaneous and alive.

Strap on those headphones and experience this thriller.

Yogi: www.wonky.net

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