Culture Club – Greatest Hits

Culture Club – Greatest Hits

Culture Club

Greatest Hits

starring Boy George and Culture Club

This DVD is an hour of pure Boy George viewing pleasure, if you have a taste for that sort of thing. Personally, I can take a few videos, but there are more copies of “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?” here than I can shake a drum stick at. All of Culture Club’s videos are here, plus the disc is filled out with some small-venue concert footage. Culture Club made some of the slicker videos of the ’80s, and they hold up very well. To paraphrase K-TEL “You get all of these GIANT HITS – ‘Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,’ ‘Time,’ ‘I’ll Tumble for You,’ ‘Church of the Poison Mind,’ ‘Karma Chameleon,’ ‘War Song,’ and much, much more!”

The much much more part is actually pretty interesting, as this is all the “Too Gay for MTV” stuff that rarely gets seen, such as “Medal Song,” which gets in a bit of Frances Farmer action. Of the 17 videos on the disk, I hadn’t seen about half of them. The extras are pretty standard, but the concert sequence is live Boy George, with excellent sound. Over all, Boy George had access to the biggest and best producers, and made some of the lushest videos form the golden age of the art form. Here they are, in one handy disc.

Culture Club:

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