Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3

Final Destination 3

directed by James Wong

starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman

New Line Cinema

Six years ago, Flight 180 crashed, killing everyone on board. Seven passengers survived, only to be killed off one by one. Three years later, there was the catastrophic car accident. There were eight survivors, each of whom found out that cheating death was not an option. Now, Death is back…and it’s still not taking no for an answer. Wendy Christenson (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) goes to Senior Night with her friends at the local amusement park, trying to create some memories before graduation — and they leave with one they wish they could forget.

While preparing to ride the Devil’s Flight with her friend, Kevin (Ryan Merriman), Wendy has a terrible premonition — something goes wrong with the ride and all on board are killed. She starts to panic and is kicked off the ride; a fight ensues and several others get off as well. Moments later, Wendy’s bloody premonition comes true and now Death is angry about being cheated. The only way to escape the horror is to stay ten steps ahead of Death’s design and these kids will do just about anything in their power to do so.

One by one, the survivors are killed. Each perish in a twisted, horrifying way–Death isn’t going to make this easy for them. It’s time for them to board the ride of their lives… their final one, that is.

Final Destination 3, directed by James Wong, goes above and beyond set expectations. The deaths are more outrageous and intricate than anything in the first two films. The special effects will have you in awe. Worried that the series is losing its appeal? Don’t. Final Destination 3 has many horrific surprises in store for you. The script is incredibly well-written and the scenes will have you biting your nails in suspense.

Skewed between the blood and guts are bits of sardonic humor. The movie knows what it is — the third in a series based upon finding the most creative ways to kill its cast. Along with the bits of comic relief is an eerie soundtrack, full of dark humor that relates to the movie’s events. Just be cautious. Afterwards, you may just find yourself being extremely aware of your surroundings. Death is taking tickets… and it’s your turn.

Final Destination 3:

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