Truth to Power

“….and thank you for what you’re doing for America.”

Listening to WSB radio on the ride into work this morning, and when I turned it on, they were in the middle of an interview with some general stationed in Iraq. Having not heard the entire interview of course I don’t know exactly the overall thrust of it, but the portion I did hear seemed to be an attempt to counter the reports flooding the media of the civil war in Iraq.

The general stated “I haven’t seen anything like that here…”. I guess they didn’t get the memo showing 1300 Iraqi’s killed last week in attacks. Oops. And he went on to stress how much progress they would be making in “rebuilding the infrastructure”, as if it had just decayed from years of neglect, instead of being targeted by our military.

But the topper was the end of the interview when the radio guy thanked the general for his time, and closed with “And thank you for all you’re doing for America.”

Like what? Making an empire? Slaughtering innocent civilians who have the misfortune to live atop an oil field? Dragging the reputation of this country into the dirt with lies and torture? Yeah, thanks. Now, I support the troops, particuarly the young ones who are generally there because they couldn’t get a decent job with healthcare, but this guy, a general? If you’ve made a career of the American military, you’ve made a commitment to “preemptive” warfare, war crimes and the quashing of any government we find troublesome. Since there hasn’t been a legitimate war in my lifetime, he’s also a traitor.

Yeah. Thanks a bunch. The day you actually fight to protect my freedoms, I’ll personally carry your backpack. Until then, you’re just protecting American business interests. Let them thank you.

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