Chris Tsefalas

Chris Tsefalas

Chris Tsefalas

I’m All Right?

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Chris Tsefalas’s debut, I’m All Right?, almost never came to be. Tsefalas recorded the album in 2003, but the record was held for almost two years after five non-cancerous tumors were found on his back in 2004. After extensive surgery and ample time to recover, I’m All Right? was finally released in May of 2005. This concoction of jangle-pop in a circus-like atmosphere is a great pop record for any collection.

“I’m All Right It’s Ok” is an insanely catchy pop tune, with Tsefalas singing the chorus/title with relief in his voice. This album makes me wonder if Tsefalas would have had a good future as the next Miss Cleo. The sideshow rhythms incorporated in several of his songs, including “It’s So Clear,” “Making a Mess,” and “James,” seem to foretell the circus-like atmosphere his life would have for the next couple of years.

But despite all of the hardships that Tsefalas has endured, he has recovered completely. Which is wonderful, not only for him and his family, but for the music world. I’m All Right? is a perfect pop record, full of catchy tunes that are sugary sweet but also have the depth to keep listeners coming back for repeated listens. Here’s hoping Tsefalas doesn’t have to endure so much between now and his next album.

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