Deke Falcon

Deke Falcon

Deke Falcon

Sand in the Shower, Rust on the Road

Happy Mistake Records, In Music We Trust

In Music We Trust has done it again. They have found another great band from an unknown label (in this case Happy Mistake Records) and thrust them into the spotlight. Deke Falcon is an incredibly talented and surprisingly diverse band whose debut, Sand in the Shower, Rust on the Road, is sure to help put Eugene, Oregon, back on the musical map.

“Squadron” opens up the album with a furious pace reminiscent of The Hives’ early work … until halfway through the song, when they abruptly slow it down to a radio pop beat, which seems unnecessary; but Deke Falcon change it seamlessly and are able to make it flow perfectly. This sets the stage for the rest of the album, in which no two songs are remotely the same.

“Truck Racing” has a country-tinged rock flavor that sounds like a perfect mix of Steve Earle, Wilco and Rolling Stones, while “Picking Up Sticks in ‘96” has a more traditional country feel, with lead singer Patrick Hayden taking a vocal tip from Mick Jagger, just to spice things up.

While Sand in the Shower, Rust on the Road is just the debut from Deke Falcon, it sounds like this group has been around a lot longer than they actually have. If their subsequent releases prove to be better than this, there’s no telling what kind of hex they could put on the music industry. Deke Falcon is that good.

Deke Falcon:

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