Hazy Dreams

Hazy Dreams

Hazy Dreams

Hazy Dreams (Not Just) – A Jimi Hendrix Tribute

Kock Records

I’m always skeptical of tribute albums. They rarely offer anything better than the original, the bands playing on them aren’t working in their best form, the original artist’s style is tortured and the whole exercise seems like a bit of a rip-off for all involved. Hazy Dreams does little to bend my opinion. There are some respectable covers here, but no new insight into the music. My least favorite piece is Ice T reciting “Little Wing,” which comes out sounding oh-so precious. “Cross Town Traffic” fares a little better, with a nice electric arrangement, very ’60s sounding and only a slight introduction of rap. “Wind Cries Mary” suffers a nasty rewrite by Gisa Vatcky, making it sound more like a Pepsi ad than a love lament. Edsel Dope hammers “Hey Joe” into the pavement, no small feat given that this is one of the most robust songs ever written. I don’t recommend this disc to any serious psychedelic fan; but those of you who still can’t drink legally and are intimidated by classic rock might find value here. Or maybe not.

Koch Records: http://www.kochrecords.com

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