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Lisa Graciano

Lisa Graciano

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It’s never a good idea to release a four-track EP. If it’s good, the consumer will be disappointed that there aren’t enough tracks; if it’s bad, then the artist should’ve spent more time polishing the tunes for a whole album. However, in the indie world small budgets can make long records cost-prohibitive, which is probably what happened here.

Lisa Graciano has enough talent and swagger for an LP’s worth of material. Should that time come, I’d certainly be among the first in line with tremendous anticipation. For now, we have four cuts to choose from, each of them with their various highlights and parts that could be improved.

While the production could use some polish, Graciano’s performances are electric, especially on “Out to the Street” and “Picture of You,” wherein her bluesy guitars have a transcendental roar. This lady can really play, and her jamming adds to the emotions — and never detracts from the feelings — in her songs, something that is honed through the years with experience and wisdom. There was never a point where Graciano’s solos took me out of the track. The best blues guitarists can do that, make the instrumental flash an integral part of the storytelling as Eric Clapton did on “Layla.”

“Are You Still With Me?” is relatively mainstream, downplaying the blues angle for a conventional commercial arrangement; however, it is still a fine tune. Graciano’s voice is a tad forced on “No One Else Trying,” but elsewhere she sounds as gritty and fiery as she is supposed to. I can’t wait to hear more.

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