Magnolia Thunderpussy

Magnolia Thunderpussy

Magnolia Thunderpussy

Starin’ Down The Sun

Morphius Records

Met in ’84, nice press in the L.A. Weekly, busted up in ’86. Twenty years and a hairline later they reform, maybe because the kids moved out. Not a bad job of it; most of the big names in alt-music have nice things to say about them. Time to relive their wasted youth, tour seedy bars in working class towns and get mentioned in the sidebar of an obscure on-line mag. That’s the bio of Magnolia Thunderpussy, a band more notorious for its name than any ground-breaking musical scores. They’re fine players, covering a bit of country, a bit of hardcore, even a twinge of jazz. I think they’d be wonderful as background in that bar where you go to shoot pool with your softball team; but I find them a bit rough for extended listening (i.e. just sitting down and paying attention for a whole hour). This disc was recorded in 1985, half studio and half at a live concert on a beach that gets busted up by the cops. It’s nostalgia, if you were there in the first place.

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