The Carter Administration

The Carter Administration

The Carter Administration

Air Guitar One

Theory 8 Records

Intellectual art rock at its worst. Carter Administration plays a chucky, nearly out-of-tune style, consisting of jerky drum beats, staccato guitar and really, really deep lyrics that are best read in the liner notes. Adding music doesn’t really seem to help the lyrics, but it does annoy the audience. I imagine these guys have a rabid following of 5 or 6 close friends who show up at gigs, buy them beers and help set up. What’s lacking here is any sort of tune to hum, any sort of rhythm to boogie to and any sort of musical showmanship to impress. If they did the lyrics as poetry at a coffee house open mike night, they’d get snaps. Other than that, they are slightly less impressive than the real Carter administration.

Theory 8 Records:

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