Work Clothes

Work Clothes

Work Clothes

These Are the Shoes We Wear

Fractured Discs

These Are the Shoes We Wear is the type of album you’ve already heard if you’ve been following Saddle Creek’s releases for the last couple of years. It’s a near even mix of country and pop tropes, which creates a cute, almost whimsical take on country’s innate melancholy. It’s something when the jaunty bounce of a track like “Over the Moon” can turn a line like “Sometimes that means smiling when they spit in your eye” into nursery rhyme. Framing their pathos in Casio tones and perfectly plotted minor chord progressions, Jenny and Lee Waters minimize their sound in the shadow of their burgeoning Omaha compatriots. There’s little room in the duo’s equation for guest spots or allusions to grandiosity. Work Clothes make music true to their name: simple and utilitarian. It’s come down music for that half-hour drive home after working the midnight shift. Not revolutionary, but worth checking out if Bright Eyes’ electro turn and Rilo Kiley’s More Adventurous were less exciting than you’d hoped.

Fractured Discs:

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