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Just in case you think

That we here at TTP only rag on Republicans, well, its mainly because the dems have no power, hence, they can’t hump things up like gods own party, but hey, we still have a Clinton to remark on:

Company Finds Clinton Useful, and Vice Versa


04/12/06 “New York Times” – – Corning Inc., one of upstate New York’s largest and oldest employers, has supported Republican candidates for so long that its chairman once joked that it had not raised money for a Democrat since 1812.

But since Hillary Rodham Clinton was elected to the Senate in 2000, Corning and its mainly Republican executives have become one of her largest sources of campaign contributions. And in that time, Mrs. Clinton has become one of the company’s leading champions, delivering for it like no other Democratic lawmaker.

In April 2003, a month after Corning’s political action committee gave $10,000 to her re-election campaign, Mrs. Clinton announced legislation that would provide hundreds of millions in federal aid to reduce diesel pollution, using, among other things, technology pioneered by Corning. It was one of several Congressional initiatives Mrs. Clinton has pushed that benefit the company.</i>

See? We are nothing if not fair.

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