Good work, HST.

Good work, HST.

Report: Lisl Auman Released From Halfway House
Woman Once Convicted In Denver Officer Slaying

DENVER — Lisl Auman, the Denver woman who once faced a lifetime prison sentence for the shooting death of a Denver police officer, has been released from a halfway house, according to published reports Tuesday.

The Rocky Mountain News reported that Auman left Tooley Hall in the past week.

Denver Community Corrections assistant director Greg Mauro told the newspaper that Auman, 29, will be under close supervision for the next nine years, as part of her parole agreement.

After her release from prison, Auman had been held for six months in the halfway house. She is required to live in the metro area as part of her parole.

Hunter Thompson championed this womans case- for good reason- and would proud to see her walk out, a semi-free woman again. Read about HST’s interest in this Vanity Fair article.

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