Acid House Kings

Acid House Kings

Acid House Kings

Do What You Wanna Do EP


Picking up where their 2005 full-length left off, Acid House Kings’ Do What You Wanna Do EP acts as a nice segue from last year to the Swedish group’s U.S. tour this summer. The disc has two tracks culled from Sing Along With — “Do What You Wanna Do” and “This Heart is a Stone” — and supports them with four more album-worthy songs. Wisely, Julia Lannerheim’s vocal presence is strong on much of the material here. She gives the sublime “Come Josephine” just the right level of wistfulness, while loading the foreboding “The Camera” with an appropriate amount of melancholy. Niklas Angergard holds his own on the duet “Drama Inside” and the goofy, exhilarating Motown-influenced “Keep Your Love,” a cover of fellow countrymen The Loveninjas. It’s fairly obvious that these tracks came from the same songwriting era as the full-length, so there’s minimal progression in the band’s sound; but when a group has indie pop down so close to perfection, there’s no point splitting hairs about such things. Every spin this EP gets coaxes the sun out a little further. Its musical gravitational pull is that strong. Prepare yourself.


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