Snoozie and the Miltonics

Snoozie and the Miltonics

Snoozie and the Miltonics

We Make Noise


You can’t get much more fun than Snoozie and The Miltonics. Their debut EP, We Make Noise, is pure indie pleasure that guarantees to put a smile on your face. The pace is quick from beginning to end, starting with the wind-sprint “Attitude Adjustment Room,” which clocks in at 1:15 and goes right into the best track, “Free Hot Chocolate,” a Nellie McKay-esque song.

Throughout the fifteen minutes of music, it’s quite obvious that Snoozie and the Miltonics have a blast. From describing a typical session on “Milton’s House,” to how much they love their dog on “Ethan” (“You bark at nothing … You take your doggie Ritalin/Cause you can’t stop fidgeting … Ethan, you’re a good dog”), each song is quirky and fun to listen to.

We Make Noise is a great debut from a band that just likes to have fun. And most people could use more of that in their lives.

Snoozie and the Miltonics:

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