Tenth Planet

Tenth Planet

Tenth Planet

The Prophet Curse

Blame Canada?

Yes, blame Canada for producing bands, such as Tenth Planet, that instill more brains and brawn than most of today’s so-called alternative rockers. While artists like Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand can be viewed as ’80s revivalists, Tenth Planet will transport you to the ’90s. There are familiar ingredients here: the black-howl vocal harmonies of Alice in Chains; the ominous bass lines of Soundgarden; the atmospheric melodrama of Radiohead. But Tenth Planet are much more versatile than you’d expect. This is a band, despite the derivative elements, that has an intense vision of their own.

From the cover, you’d expect something loud and abrasive. Certainly the opening cut, “Shadows,” doesn’t hold back its punches. With its brass-knuckled, KO guitars, it’s a headbanger’s ball that’ll leave bruises. After that, though, Tenth Planet has surprisingly reflective moments: the murky gloom of “Overboard;” the sparkling rock of “We Are the Cause of Everything;” and the pretty moodiness of “Do You Remain?”

Vocalist Martin Ouellette has a startlingly good range, able to sing softly and rage with a flamethrower depending on the emotions of the lyrics.

Tenth Planet: www.tenthplanet.ca

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