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Can we dig Nixon up?

“Can we dig Nixon-X106”

Just how deep is Nixon buried, anyway? A ghoul like that, he’s probably always gonna be just a shot of Scotch away from life anyway. So lets dig him up and make him president, because he’d be a damn sight better than the tyrannical zealot we have running the zoo now:

FBI Acknowledges: Journalists Phone Records are Fair Game

The FBI acknowledged late Monday that it is increasingly seeking reporters’ phone records in leak investigations.

“It used to be very hard and complicated to do this, but it no longer is in the Bush administration,” said a senior federal official.

The acknowledgement followed our blotter item that ABC News reporters had been warned by a federal source that the government knew who we were calling.</i>

“Leak” investigations? I doubt that tub o’ treason KKKarl Rove is worried about HIS phone being tapped. The only leaks that the FBI is investigating are those by whistleblowers attempting to reign in our out of control government.

The sickening thing is, go to the home page of Not a mention of this. Lots of wasted ink pondering the immigration “problem”. The only problem with immigration is, can the GOP frighten or anger enough of their rapidly diminishing “base” to get out and vote on one of their pet issues? Judging from the reaction on the right to King Georgies prime time pleading, not so much.

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