Won’t be anyone left to run the place…

Won’t be anyone left to run the place…

Once they get finished impeaching them all:

Hastert, ABC spar over investigation report

House Speaker Dennis Hastert is demanding a “full retraction” of an ABC News report that he is being investigated in connection with the Jack Abramoff corruption probe.

Sound familar? Sounds a lot like the bleatings of a dying Delay, claiming the charges had no merit. Before he resigned because of them.

Hasert is third in line in the order of succession, btw.

Second? Why that would be Dick “We have to remind you, you’re under oath” Cheney:

Court filing: Cheney may be witness in Libby trial

— The special counsel prosecuting former White House aide Lewis Libby indicated in court documents filed Wednesday that Libby’s former boss, Vice President Dick Cheney, could be called as a witness in his upcoming trial.

Wonder what some people will do when all their get tough heroes are finally revealed to be grubby little crooks, at best?

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