Fusing Black Sabbath’s crunch with the femme punk of L7, Homewrecker could’ve only come from Seattle. This is prime Emerald City sludge with no concessions to pop. From the opening title track, Homewrecker show off their Seattle roots both lyrically and musically. An ode to crashing with the bottle (or any other substance – interpret as you will), it grinds with a Black Sabbath-styled slow jam, capturing that feeling of being totally intoxicated.

After sitting through too much artificial rock & roll, you forget how thrilling it is to hear the real thing again. Just when you think garage metal was overplayed in the ’90s, Homewrecker are there to remind you how bracing it can be when performed well. Featuring knockout vocal work and barbed-wire hooks, Homewrecker are what Hole should’ve been, instead of the Courtney Love shriekfest that defined them.

Homewrecker increase the tempo on the catchy “Dirty Power” and “What You Know,” bringing to mind the Seattle scene circa 1992. Given the youthful appearance of the girls in this band, you have to wonder how old they were when the Emerald City once ruled Alternative Nation. While they’re not as harsh, dissonant and experimental as their predecessors, Homewrecker are firmly attached to their spirit.

Homewrecker: http://www.homewreckermusic.com

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