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Pride & Fall

Pride & Fall

Elements of Silence

Metropolis Records

Hailing from the frigid shores of Norway, Pride & Fall deliver a stunning new album for the masses. Elements of Silence combines seamless electro wizardry with production that engulfs you. The album’s opener, “Ineo,” is a soothing instrumental piece full of warmth and delicate textures. This proves to be the quiet before the storm. “Retrospect” kicks in with pounding beats and a massive groove. This is one dance floor commando to reckon with. With just enough time to take a breath, “Sacrament” follows along the same moving path. This track reminds me of VNV Nation at their best. I envision legions of club goers worshiping this gem. This is the ideal driving companion when breaking the speed limit. The mid-tempo linking piece “Scarred” sneaks in next with percussion samples that delight. The ominous “Border” follows with soaring vocal treatments and a brutal musical assault along the lines of “Funkervogt.” Rivet heads will be enveloped within a hypnotic wall of sound. An eerie yet alluring path is taken on “Pathogen,” where various samples soar to new heights. For all of its brooding nature, “Pathogen” also culminates in a climactic chorus worthy of praise. Top 10 chart topper “Elements of Silence” keeps the mercury at the boiling point with high energy grooves. “The Violence in Me” slows the pace down a few notches while captivating the senses. This one nearly gave me an aural orgasm. A more mysterious side evolves on “The Guiding Light.” This is a beautifully crafted opus, ideal for meditation and reflection. Reverse loops transport the listener to other worlds. “Ego” exemplifies Pride & Fall’s mastery of soundscape design. If this one does not cause mass hysteria on the dance floor, the venue must be empty.

As if the aforementioned were not enough, “The Perfect Circle” swings into action without hesitation. Here is another example of Electronic Body Music at its very best. A softer approach is taken on “Essence of Angels.” A symphony of organs and piano structures brings this impressive album to a close. Don’t let this scorching release pass you by.

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