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Stereopool belong to the increasing trend of acoustic-based jam bands, acts that seem to be sprouting every day thanks to the mammoth success of the Dave Matthews Band. What many of them do not realize is that it takes quite a bit of talent, and I’m not just talking about musical skills, to pull off that hybrid of folk and funk. A number of these groups are completely bland, dull as white bread. Thankfully, Stereopool does not torture us with mediocrity.

Where Stereopool cross the finish line while a number of their peers collapse after a few miles is through the lyrics. These guys are smarter than much of their competition, having college-bred smarts that distance themselves from their peers. For all of their catchy hooks and energetic live performances, I believe that is why people were attracted to Dave Matthews in the first place.

No, Stereopool are not self-consciously trying to ape Matthews; but the resemblance is there, and it is undeniable.


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