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Oh Ralphie boy…

Big document dump yesterday in the Abramoff case, and the little hypocrite Ralph Reed? Well, lets just add money laundering to his list of talents:

Ralph Reed fingered

Ralph Reed, a longtime friend of Abramoff’s who once served as the executive director of the Christian Coalition, also figures prominently in the documents referred to the Senate Finance Committee.

Reed, who is currently running for lieutenant governor of Georgia, has denied accepting “payments of any kind” from Abramoff.

“Did you accept any gifts, commissions or other payments of any kind from Mr. Abramoff, and are you likely to be a party in the unfolding investigation?” Reed was asked at a Republican event in January (as reported by The Washington Post).

“Silence enveloped the 60 or so Republicans in the auditorium, and Reed’s cheerful manner turned tense,” Thomas B. Edsall wrote for the Post. “‘No,’ he replied. ‘No to all these.’”

But two newly released emails from 2000 may conflict with Reed’s public statements of innocence.

The first email from Reed shows that he was clearly involved in helping coordinate payments to anti-tax groups, while the second one from Abramoff notes that the lobbying firm had “to get him more money asap.”</i>

Other big winners in this? Grover Norquist, Mr. Drown Government in a bathtub and Bob Ney, Bush’s go to guy in Ohio.

Crooks. They are just all crooks.

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