Maybe Paris Hilton can help ’em out…

Maybe Paris Hilton can help ’em out…

Military Fails Some Widows Over Benefits

As Holly Wren coped with her 6-month-old son and the sorrow of losing her husband in Iraq last November, she assumed that the military’s sense of structure and order would apply in death as it had in life.
After Lt. Col. Thomas Wren was killed in an auto accident in Iraq in November, Holly Wren, with her 1-year-old son, Tyler, in their Lorton, Va., home, had a hard time getting her survivor benefits, partly because the military had his personal information listed all wrong.

Instead she encountered numerous hurdles in trying to collect survivor benefits. She received only half the amount owed her for housing because her husband, one of the highest ranking soldiers to die in Iraq, was listed as single, childless and living in Florida — wrong on every count. Lt. Col. Thomas Wren was married, with five children, and living in Northern Virginia.

Instead of flapping their gums over flag burning, gay marriage, and other issues that matter not a F’N bit to our country, Congress should be doing their job and making sure that the families of the people that they mislead into harms way are fully taken care of.

Maybe instead of carting more cash-stuffed wheelbarrows to the likes of Paris Hilton, we could honor our obligations to our troops. You know, that whole “support” thing your magnets keep telling us you do?

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