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The Medium, who call New Jersey home, got together back in 2000. Yet, things like college and the Navy beckoned to them; it was in 2005, that the Medium fully developed into what it is today. Comprised of four members, the Medium has taken the stage to play countless shows in the Jersey and Philly area, to fans’ delight. With the 2006 release of their EP, Teetering on the Edge, and winning both the 2006 Conduit Music Club Battle of the Bands and the 2006 Rutgers Camden Battle of the Bands, it seems that the Medium are ready to make themselves known.

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Who are the members of the Medium?

Dave Leney, Matt Rubba, Rich Ratner & Rick Derrickson

Describe your sound in 3 words.

Crazy. Sexy. Cool.

What exactly makes the Medium different from any other Jersey band on the scene out there right now?

The same thing that makes our band different from any band, our extreme diversity in songs we write. We make it hard for people to label us anything, and our goal is to never be limited or categorized in a specific genre.

Fill in the blank: The Medium: ________________.


When was your first show together?

Our first gig as a full band was in June of 2005. However, Matt and Rich played together in a band in middle school… Dave and Matt began writing together in high school. We didn’t put it all together until much later, when Dave returned from the Navy, Matt and Rich graduated college, and we met Rick.

How old were you when you started playing an instrument?

All of us have been playing our respective instruments since middle school (about 13).

Why call the album Teetering on the Edge? Any stories behind that?

[We did] because “Teetering on the Edge” is the first line of the first song (“Casanova Drunk”) that appears on the E.P. It just seemed to make sense at the time.

Favorite song to perform live?

It’s usually the most recent song we have written or are writing. Crowd favorites like “Casanova Drunk” and “The Dating Kind” are always great.

Most memorable show — was it good or bad?

Winning the Battle of the Bands at the Conduit in Trenton was a great experience… and our St. Patrick’s Day Bus Trip was pretty wild.

How did you guys hear about the Battle of the Bands?

Internet, advertisement, maybe email — really don’t remember.

Ultimate Battle of the Bands show down: what 3 acts (famous or not) would go against one another if you could pick?

Great Question! Prince, Morris Day & the Time, and Ready for the World. In the end Prince would probably win simply because he’s Prince, but Morris Day would make him work for it. Ready for the World is kind of the wildcard I stuck them in because it fits the genre, they were and are currently, completely under-rated but I’d have faith that they would surprise a lot of people by putting on an entertaining show.

At Philly Stir Fry Live

At Philly Stir Fry Live

Favorite song by another artist?

The band could probably never come to a consensus about this.

If you could have one person in the industry listen to your album, who would it be?

Rick Rubin all the way. He is the most outstanding producer in the business right now. Just look at how commercially successful the Red Hot Chili Peppers became with his help. He even made Johnny Cash sound more appealing to our generation with his last couple of albums.

What’s the best (and worst) things about working with friends?

Everything we do-our music, our shows,etc.-is about celebrating with our friends. The lyrics to “Casanova Drunk” sum it up pretty well. Being able to make music with friends, for friends, is amazing.

Do you have any icons in the business?

Prince and Morris Day.

What are the essential albums in your music collection?

Boston-Boston, Huey Lewis and the News Sports, Journey’s Greatest Hits, Dio Holy Diver, Everything by Prince and Peter Gabriel…

What was the last CD you purchased?

Teetering on the Edge the new album by the Medium. Everyone’s doing it!

Favorite fruit?


Anything you feel people should know about you?

We’re friendly, especially David…We’ll give all the time in the world to anyone who wants it.

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