With band members of Mexican and Chinese descent, it’s no surprise that Madrepore display such a diverse sound on their debut album.

Madrepore’s music is difficult to classify, but the intensity of first single “Pictures,” the Spanish-sung, Latin-flavoured “Fuyu No Ame” and the scope of the instant melody of “The Part Of Me You’ve Thrown Away” recall the ambitious scope of a band like Authority Zero. “Can’t Get You Out,” with its edgy riff and the breathless delivery of Kinski Gallo could be a real hit on alternative radio. “Crushing Bones” is another superb track. The album’s 12 tracks are given a sleek, yet raw feel thanks to Gavin McKillop’s balanced and understated production.

Madrepore’s name roughly translates as “mother stone,” but it could just as easily be another word for “essential.”


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