In Disgust We Trust

Earache Records

Earache’s gone back to their own future, with the signing of English grindcore foundlings Mistress. And why not? With all sorts of other dabblers and dilettantes stealing the best bits of the surprisingly inventive grindcore sound – avant-garde song structures, dual vocalists clashing, loudquietloud passages writ large, unbridled and unrestrained heaviness executed with a gonzo, sadistic glee – it’s time for more young bands to take up the blood-and-bile stained banner and wave it in a drunken haze. Show’em how it’s done! So Mistress, feel free to proceed and beat me senseless! The press release helpfully touts influences as Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror, but I’m also hearing Brutal Truth (yay!), Unleashed, (lots of) early Fear Factory, Corrosion of Conformity and Brujeria in the midst of this sonic fistfight. There’s even like a five-second Rob Halford moment in there. Find it for yourself. “In Disgust We Trust” is a pretty good, unhinged effort from a relatively young band (to me at least), a gritty, flailing, downtuned mess of blood-caked guitar strings, splintered drumsticks and shredded vocal chords that evokes the good parts of hyperspazz roarrrrrrrr and crustcore noise. Sounds live too. The best is yet to come.

Earache Records: http://www.earache.com

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